By the end of the 21st century, every third species on Earth may disappear

(ORDO NEWS) — It seems that Greta Thunberg sounded the alarm for a reason a few years ago. New work by American researchers suggests that in less than a hundred years, a significant part of the living creatures known to us may disappear on our planet. And yes, all because of the climate crisis.

We are responsible for the place where we live

A group of scientists from the University of Minnesota, USA, has published a paper that suggests that by 2100 almost every third species on planet Earth will either become extinct or be seriously threatened with extinction. Plants and insects are at greater risk.

The climate crisis due to human activity, the growth of the world’s population and the progressive loss of biodiversity are to blame.

By the end of the 21st century every third species on Earth may disappear 2 2
Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment

How was the study done?

The team conducted the survey, inviting input from experts from around the world, and received 3,331 responses from biodiversity scientists in 187 countries, covering all major species groups, habitats and ecosystems.

The study is one of the first to collect input from thousands of international biodiversity experts who provided geographic and demographic data.

By the end of the 21st century every third species on Earth may disappear 3
Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment.
The survey showed that at least one million species of animals and plants are currently on the verge of extinction, and 10% of them are insects

Noah Greenwald, director of endangered species at the nonprofit Center for Biological Diversity, called the numbers “quite alarming.” “It took many years for climate change to become a major issue for households,” Greenwald told the media.


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