By autumn, the seeds in the Doomsday Vault can completely deteriorate

(ORDO NEWS) — Around the world in recent years, many strange and unusual objects have been built. But most of all attention is attracted by the World Seed Vault, which was erected back in 2008 on the island of Svalbard.

Such a repository of genetic material will not interfere with humanity, but many are interested in the question of why the construction was completed in 2008, and not several decades earlier? The answer to this question is unlikely to be obtained, so it is worth preparing for the bad news.

According to the latest data, an incredibly high temperature was recorded on Svalbard, which reached almost 22 degrees, which is a record for the island. This island is located in the northern part of Norway and is located near the North Pole.

The average temperature on it was always 5-8 degrees. These temperature indicators were taken into account during the construction of the storage facility. It should be noted that there are no thermometers in the storage, and all the grain is stored loose.

Those who sponsored the construction of this facility had more than enough money, so special refrigerators could be installed without any problems. But the engineers decided that if the temperature on the island does not rise above 8 degrees, then there is no point in installing refrigerators. But such calculations turned out to be wrong. Due to the fact that the air temperature began to rise on the island, there is a great risk that by this autumn the grain will begin to germinate or even deteriorate.

The world’s top leaders are looking for ways to solve the problem, but there is no information about the results so far. Perhaps, special gigantic coolers will be sent to the storage facility for pumping wind from the Arctic expanses. Another option is the use of freezers. You need to solve the problem as soon as possible. Otherwise, after a couple of months, there will be no trace of grain reserves in case of the end of the world.


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