By 2100, a temperature of 40 ° C may become the norm in the UK

(ORDO NEWS) — This will happen if carbon emissions to the atmosphere are not significantly reduced.

A new study by Met Office says that human influence on temperature in the UK continues, and heat of 40 degrees can become the norm by 2100.

“We find that the likelihood of extremely warm days in the UK is increasing and will continue to grow for a century, with the most extreme temperatures expected in the southeast of England,” Met Office.

Climate models showed that increased emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere increase the likelihood of a temperature increase above +35 ° C. This will be most pronounced in the south-eastern part of the country, where such heat by 2100 will be every summer, and not every five years, as it is now. In the north, the temperature is also expected to rise to +30 ° C once every ten years.

Currently, temperatures below + 40 ° C in Britain are once every 300 years. However, from the beginning of the XXII century, such anomalous heat will become more frequent – every 15 years with a moderate scenario and every 3.5 years if the emission is high, the researchers note.

The authors of the work also note that extreme temperatures are dangerous for the elderly, who are especially vulnerable to the effects of weather. According to co-author of the study, Peter Stott, “this should be taken very seriously, because elderly care homes and simply residential buildings are not necessarily adapted to such temperatures.”

According to researchers, if the UK and the rest of the world reduce carbon emissions in accordance with the Paris Climate Agreement, then the likelihood of extreme temperatures will be significantly reduced.

The current temperature record for the UK is 38.7 ° C; it was recorded in Cambridge in June 2019.


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