By 2026, up to 90% of online content will be created by AI

(ORDO NEWS) — A new report from European law enforcement group Europol says that “by 2026, up to 90 percent of online content could be created using artificial intelligence.”

“In most cases, neural networks are created to develop games, improve services provided or improve the quality of life,” the report says, “but increasing their number can lead to active disinformation [of the population].”

Of course, people have become accustomed – to some extent – to the presence of bots, and AI-generated text-to-image programs have definitely made a lot of noise.

However, by default, we do not yet necessarily assume that almost everything we come into digital contact with can be fake. But things are moving towards just such a situation.

The report focuses heavily on disinformation, especially that created by deepfake technology. It is very interesting how the dissemination of information, not to mention its consumption, will actually look like in an era with a significant amount of digital materials created by artificial intelligence?

Will living artists, writers, and most of the media become a thing of the past?


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