“Bursts” of physical activity for a couple of minutes a day significantly reduced the risk of death

(ORDO NEWS) — Australian scientists have shown that short “bursts” of physical activity in everyday life, not related to purposeful sports, are associated with a reduced risk of death from all causes.

According to the latest data, an adult needs to comply with the norm of 150-300 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity or 75-150 minutes of vigorous intensity per week.

This takes into account all actions, and not just going to the gym or jogging at the stadium.

This recommendation contradicts previous ones, which insisted that short periods of physical activity (less than ten minutes) did not provide much health benefits.

Although intense exercise takes less time you can sip iron in the gym for an hour and go about your business they are unattractive to most middle-aged people.

Short “bursts” of physical activity during the day, that is, it can be “intermittent”, can become an output. It requires even less time, besides, no special training and sports equipment is needed.

Scientists from the University of Sydney (Australia) tested how “attacks” of activity in everyday life affect long-term health, as well as the risk of death from all causes, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

The team of Emmanuel Stamatakis analyzed the data stored in the British Biobank of 25,241 people: their average age was 61.8 years, their body mass index was 27.6, 9.2% were smokers, 43.8% were men; everyone slept for about 7.4 hours a day, while no one did a lot of sports in their free time.

Participants wore special bracelets with an accelerometer to track activity.

In total, each person was in motion for 138.3 minutes a day, of which 98 minutes of activity were of low intensity, 25.9 minutes of moderate intensity, and only four minutes of high intensity.

Observations lasted an average of 6.9 years, during which time 852 people died.

The results showed that participants who had three “bursts” of physical activity per day for one to two minutes each had a 38-40% chance of dying from any cause and cancer, and 48-49 percent less likely to die from cardiovascular disease. %, in contrast to people who did not show any special activity at all.

Surprisingly, if the “bursts” lasted 4.4 minutes, then the risk of death from all causes and cancer decreased by 26-30%, from cardiovascular diseases – by 32-34%.

“We got similar results when we repeated the above with 62,344 members of the British Biobank who played sports (1,552 deaths; 35,290 women, 27,054 men). Short periods of vigorous physical activity, not associated with sports, correlated with significantly lower mortality, ”the scientists said.

So a couple of “active” minutes a few times a day will be enough for adults who don’t want to purposefully go to the gym.

The researchers stressed that their findings should be taken into account when developing various recommendations.

In addition, emphasis should be placed on informing people that they can still benefit from health benefits even if they do not consider themselves exemplary athletes.


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