Burials with incredible treasures were found in Britain

(ORDO NEWS) — A team of archaeologists from the Museum of London came across an unusual burial during excavations. It dates back to the 7th century.

An Anglo-Saxon woman is buried there. Now scientists were able to learn even more about the medieval past of the United Kingdom.

A large number of treasures were found in an early Christian burial. This may indicate that the woman belonged to a wealthy family and held a high position in the society of that time.

Christian religious symbols were also found at the burial site. There was also a lot of it. Archaeologists believe that this woman could have been a kind of Christian leader.

Although at that time such positions were held only by men, this lady could well challenge society and find like-minded people.

The burial was discovered by accident, during the construction of a residential complex. Many coins and various paraphernalia, which are approximately 1300 years old, were found on the spot.

A luxurious necklace was found in the grave, on the remains of the skeleton. It was made of silver, gold and semi-precious stones.

Some experts believe that this accessory is the most valuable find since the discovery of Sutton Hoo in 1939.

The head of Levente’s excavations, Bens Balash, says so, so far the discovery gives more questions than answers.

Finding a similar object for an archaeologist is the main dream in the work. There are a huge number of artifacts and valuables here, everything is perfectly preserved.

This is a really ancient burial place with more than a thousand years of history.

And the period of early Christianity is quite unusual: people are already moving away from paganism, but still adhere to some traditions. Faith is just being formed, as well as a new society.

Liz Barham, Senior Conservator of the Archaeological Museum of London, showed photographs of the necklace and other artefacts. While everyone is researching, restoring, cataloging them, a lot of time will pass.


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