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Burial of a Saka warrior aged 2.5 thousand years was found in the vicinity of Alma-Ata

Burial of a Saka warrior aged 2 5 thousand years was found in the vicinity of Alma Ata

(ORDO NEWS) — Kazakh scientists discovered on the outskirts of Alma-Ata the burial place of a Saka warrior, which dates back about 2.5 thousand years.

“This grave is very well hidden, and it is not too rich. I say that this is not a royal burial, this is the burial of a warrior, but since he is in the royal burial ground itself, then, apparently, this person somehow deserved what he was buried here,” Murat Nurpeisov, a researcher at the Alma-Ata Museum Association, shared information about the find.

It is noted that the remains of a warrior were found during archaeological work on the mound and date back to the early Iron Age.

At the same time, the mound itself turned out to be unplundered, which was facilitated by a meter-long layer of stones.

“Issyk burial mounds were used as early as the 7th century BC. The Saks tribes buried their rulers and leaders here. At that time they inhabited the territories of the Trans-Ili Alatau.

Thanks to excavations, we received a lot of information about the life of the ancient people – about their culture, hunting features, mythology , about the beliefs of the afterlife, about the role and status of rulers in society,” explained historian Asel Omargazieva.

According to the channel, archaeologists will send the finds for restoration. Scientists will have to find out what the silver plate on the warrior’s shoulder means and why the artifacts are covered with silver, although gold was used in those days.


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