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Burial of 8,000-year-old child discovered in Eastern Finland

Burial of 8 000 year old child discovered in Eastern Finland

(ORDO NEWS) — On the territory of Eastern Finland, a burial place of a small child who lived 8,000 years ago was found.

Researchers first noticed Majunsuo’s grave in the municipality of Outokumpu in 1992. They noticed the bright red ocher and iron-rich clay on the surface of the new service trail in the forest.

According to experts, red ocher is associated with rock art as well as ornamentation and burials.

In 2018, the Finnish Heritage Agency decided to start excavations at the site, as there were concerns about erosion and vehicles in the area.

According to scientists, Stone Age people buried their dead in pits in the ground. In Finland, the soil is too acidic, so after thousands of years, almost nothing remained of the found body.

Archaeologists have found teeth of a child, fragments of bird feathers, plant fibers and dog hair in the grave.

After a thorough analysis, the researchers found that the teeth belonged to a child aged 3 to 10 years.

In addition, 2 quartz arrowheads and 2 other quartz objects were found in the grave, which, most likely, were grave goods.

Of the 24 tiny feather fragments, 7 belonged to waterfowl. These were the oldest feather fragments found in Finland.

In the grave, archaeologists also found a falcon feather. According to their assumptions, it was attached to an arrowhead, or was considered an ornament on children’s clothes.

At the child’s legs, experts found thin hair that belonged to a dog or a wolf. Scientists believe that perhaps the animal was buried with a child, or it was wearing fur shoes.


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