Briton discovered mysterious catacombs under his house

(ORDO NEWS) — Freddie Goodall from Great Britain made an incredible find. Right under his house, he discovered underground corridors and rooms that fold into a huge network.

Reported by the Daily Mail.

At the very beginning, Freddie looked at old photographs and noticed that there was a door in the library of his old house, but now it is not. It is worth noting that the library was built in the 19th century, and the house itself was erected only 50 years ago. As it turned out, behind the closet was a dark and completely empty room. But these were not all the surprises that awaited a man.

In the room, on the floor, he found a panel made of wood, with the help of which it was possible to descend into the spacious underground rooms.

In addition, there was a staircase through which Freddie climbed up to the attic, where he found a huge beehive. In the basement, the man noticed two more rooms and corridors. He suggested that these premises could well have previously been used by the servants, who should not have disturbed the owners of the house.

Another find was a brick wall, on which incomprehensible dates and names were written in chalk. In the room, the owner of the old house discovered a safe that no one had opened for several decades.

After Goodall hacked it, he found books written in 1848, which contained detailed information about the house, as well as fairly old letters. The man did not even expect that his house hides such mysteries. He also added that so far nothing will be done with the premises.


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