British woman is going to marry the ghost of a dead soldier

(ORDO NEWS) — A resident of Oxfordshire, in the UK, plans to marry her favorite ghost. Just before the wedding, she complained that her future husband had become too capricious.

Songwriter Brokerd, 38, revealed last fall that she fell in love with the spirit of a soldier. His name was Eduardo and he died at the age of 35 after he fell into a deep well.

The Briton stressed that her lover is very temperamental. He communicates with her from time to time with a flicker of fire.

Most often this happens when they dine together by candlelight. When she asks him to once again demonstrate his presence, the ghost becomes angry and often blows out the candles. They even broke up because of his quick temper, but then got back together.

The relationship between the lovers developed rapidly and in November 2021, according to the woman, the ghost proposed to her to marry him. On her pillow, the woman found a ring with a real diamond, and after a while she noticed a question mark on the misted mirror in the bathroom.

Brokered also complained that when preparations for the wedding began, she and her lover began to quarrel too often. For example, a British woman wants to celebrate her wedding in the summer, while Eduardo hates the heat.

She believes that the wedding awakens in the “groom” all his worst character traits, although he has repeatedly demonstrated his temper before.

Another significant problem is that the couple cannot decide on the venue for the celebration. Despite this, Brokerd is already choosing a dress for himself, and tailoring a Victorian era suit for the groom, because he chose such an outfit for himself.

In addition, the couple managed to prepare a guest list, among which there are even several celebrities, namely Marilyn Monroe, Johnny Cash, William Shakespeare, Elvis Presley and others.


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