British woman develops allergy to her own child

(ORDO NEWS) — Fiona Hooker, who is 32 years old, during her pregnancy faced a very unpleasant and rare phenomenon – pregnancy pemphigoid. The disease provokes the onset of symptoms not only during the bearing of the baby, but even several months after childbirth.

A rare disease was the reason that a resident of the UK was covered with a huge number of blisters. She had an allergic reaction to her own child.

Fiona Hooker got pregnant at the end of 2020. The first six months there were no problems, but already in the third trimester, the expectant mother noticed that red blisters began to appear on her stomach.

The woman immediately went to a specialist, because the redness began to itch very much and bring discomfort. Fiona Hooker noted that these irritations resemble those that arise from nettles. In order to alleviate the condition of the woman, special steroid medications were prescribed to her.

When the woman was eight months pregnant, the scarring became extremely problematic and so she went to the emergency room. On June 13, 2021, a healthy boy was born, but his mother’s health problems only became more serious.

Blisters began to appear not only on the stomach, but also on the chest, as well as on the limbs. Skin irritation appeared in all those areas with which they came into contact with the baby.

After giving birth, Fiona was diagnosed with gestational pemphigoid. This disease is autoimmune in nature. In this case, the expectant mother’s immune system begins to produce antibodies that mistakenly attack their own skin.

One woman out of 50,000 faces a similar problem. Hooker has no idea why she began to develop this disease, because during her first pregnancy, nothing like this arose. Doctors until today know very little about this rare pathology.


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