British woman claims she was abducted by aliens

(ORDO NEWS) — Briton Paula Smith said that she was abducted by aliens 52 times and delivered to their UFOs, which is evidenced on her body.

Needless to say, aliens have always been a source of great intrigue and curiosity for humans, and the internet is full of conspiracy theories about UFOs, alien existence, and even alien abductions.

In one such bizarre statement, a 50-year-old British woman claimed that she had been abducted by aliens more than 52 times in her life. According to her, her first extraterrestrial experience occurred when she was 6 years old.

Paula Smith has revealed that aliens took her on UFOs and showed her all kinds of new technologies, including touch screen devices, before they were even invented on Earth.

“I’ve seen touchscreen devices before they even existed. I was on an alien ship and the aliens showed me technology that we didn’t have. They showed me a slideshow of pristine landscapes that showed a beautiful river that then turned black.

The blue sky turned blood red and I soon realized that this is a film about how the Earth is being destroyed due to human greed,” she shared.

For people who don’t want to believe her, Paula has shared photos of the bruises she says were left on her body by aliens after they abducted her. Although, the British woman notes, she sometimes doubts these contacts herself, they look too fantastic.

“I survived 52 paranormal incidents. Even I can’t believe these stories sometimes, so I’m not surprised when others don’t believe me or the subject.

There is no consistency with experience – but very rarely I feel like something is about to happen, but I don’t know what to expect, it just happens.

There is no warning and I don’t feel like anything is about to happen. It just happens. All I can do is behave as usual, otherwise I will go crazy, ”admitted a resident of the UK.

She also painted an image of an alien in silver to show what the aliens look like.
As to why she didn’t talk about alien contact before, she said she’s been “silent” for most of her life because she thought people would think she was “crazy.”

In 2015, Niara Terela Isley, a former US Air Force employee, also claimed to have been abducted by reptilian aliens and repeatedly raped on the moon. Former head of Israeli space security Chaim Eshed has also claimed that aliens are real and that former US President Donald Trump knows about them.

Eshed, who led Israel’s space security program for almost 30 years, further added that the aliens are secretly communicating with the US and Israel, however they hide their existence because “humanity is not ready.”

In the summer of 1947, another unusual case of abduction took place in a country house located in the immediate vicinity of a village in Spain. This incident appears in the specialized bibliography as “the first alien abduction in Spain”.

Remarkably, this X-Files happened the same year that a supposed alien ship crashed in Roswell, New Mexico, USA. The woman did not initially remember what she experienced and that she was visited by supposedly extraterrestrial beings, whom she identifies as rare, short, white in shape and with huge eyes.

Nor did she remember well whether it was on a hot morning in 1946 or 1947, when, in the company of her slightly older sister, they first approached the cottage in Murcia.

This experience changed her life dramatically. Since then, she has repeatedly admitted that she did not feel like a normal person and gained an understanding of reality that a girl of her age could hardly have.

In one of the cases described, she is placed on a stretcher and undergoes a series of medical manipulations on her, which ends with a surgical operation into which a kind of “microcapsule” is inserted into her.


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