British went to jail because of threats to herself

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(ORDO NEWS) — Carly Buckingham-Smith from the UK ended up behind bars for threatening herself. The police began to investigate the case after the woman received several rather dire reports.

Reported by the Daily Mail.

The British turned to the police and said that she received a huge number of messages with a variety of threats. For example, someone unknown threatened to set fire to her mailbox.

After some time, the threats became more serious and the woman began to tell their details. It got to the point that messages written with a marker began to appear on the walls of Carly’s house. Immediately after that, the woman stated that unknown men tried to penetrate her.

Law enforcement officials first questioned all the neighbors, and after that they established surveillance of Carly’s house. But this did not help and the police were never able to find anyone.

After that, Buckingham-Smith began blaming one of the Uber drivers, proving that he was the one who sent the terrible messages. The police were unable to find any connection between them.

After a while, it was decided to check the British woman’s phone. As it was possible to establish, she herself sent these numerous threats.

The woman was immediately sued. Carly’s lawyer tried to prove that a similar situation arose due to mental problems in the British woman, but he failed. As a result, she was prepared for imprisonment for six months.


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