British ships are sailing to China – follow the example of Russia

(ORDO NEWS) — Britain is provoking conflict. She sent warships into the “disputed waters of the South China Sea.” More recently, a similar incident occurred in the Black Sea with the destroyer Defender. We need to take an example from the Russians, the author of Huanqiu Shibao urges.

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace recently said in an interview that the United Kingdom will send a strike group of aircraft carriers through the so-called “disputed waters of the South China Sea.” After that, Wallace abruptly changed the topic of the conversation and began to cunningly defend himself: “We will respect China and hope that China will respect us. We will sail wherever international law allows”.

It is clear that Wallace hopes to achieve two goals with his statement. The first is to test the reaction of all parties to the future passage of British warships through the disputed waters of the South China Sea, and the vague concept of “disputed waters” may contain many connotations; second, phrases such as “respecting China” and “sailing where international law allows” are tantamount to giving advance notice to China, implying that the British side does not intend to offend China, so the PRC should not take it too seriously. Of course, there is one more meaning, namely: even if there is some kind of violation, it is better for the Chinese side to endure it …

This is another naval operation of the British Navy after the one during which the destroyer Defender was forcibly pushed out of the Black Sea by the Russian Navy. Coincidentally, this time the same ship is following a British carrier strike group into the South China Sea.

On June 23, it was this Defender destroyer that invaded Russia’s territorial waters in the Black Sea, and the Russian fleet immediately drove it out. On the water, Russian coastal troops tried to first force the British warship to change course and even notified it by radio, but, failing to achieve a result, fired warning shots. From the air, Russian Su-24M bombers dropped high-explosive bombs along the course of a British destroyer. The Defender could only flee.

The completely faceless British military is hoping this time to reclaim its name – to ask for a conflict in the South China Sea and provoke another major power with the help of its aircraft carrier strike group, “passing through the contested waters.” As the British The Guardian wrote during the incident on the Black Sea, the “target audience” of the Russian-British conflict was not the Kremlin, but Beijing, because this summer a British strike group of aircraft carriers is to pass through the South China Sea.

However, the British military is very doubtful and extremely concerned about whether China will take any “extreme” measures against them. In this case, the British army will be humiliated a second time and become a laughing stock. Perhaps this is precisely the purpose of the aforementioned statement by the British Secretary of Defense.

So what can China do in response to the arrival of a British aircraft carrier strike group? First of all, it is necessary to reaffirm that for millennia, a peaceful mindset has been deeply rooted in the spiritual world of the Chinese nation, and today it is still the main philosophy of China in regulating international relations. Secondly, everything depends on the specific actions of the British aircraft carrier strike group.

If it strictly adheres to the “United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea” and makes “innocent passage” through the so-called disputed waters, then, as the spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry has repeatedly emphasized, navigation in the south of the China Sea has always been free, and China will not object to the passage of British ships. And vice versa, if the British aircraft carriers deliberately provoke the PRC and violate the basic norms of international law and international relations, even if the UK endlessly declares “respect for China”, it will be pointless. Currently, the initiative for the response is entirely in the hands of China.

In particular, if a British aircraft carrier strike group fails to comply with the relevant provisions of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea to exercise “innocent passage” or openly enters the 12-mile zone surrounding the reefs of the Spratly archipelago, it will be considered sheer provocation, and then we should take an example from the Russians.

On the one hand, surface ships patrolling the water area must publicly contact them by radio communication, and if it does not work well, force should be used: the coast guard must force British warships that provocatively crossed the border to quickly leave; on the other hand, our fighters can pose a threat at low altitude and must be prepared to open warning fire. At the same time, during this entire process, everything must be filmed in order to prevent the guilty from complaining first.

If we are really forced to make such a choice, its practical significance will be enormous: firstly, now that recently, US military aircraft have been flying to Taiwan, constantly checking the lower limit of our patience, we need to be even more alert and always draw a “red line “that must not be crossed: to create the effect of” hitting the hill to scare the tiger “( arr intimidate, frighten, a lane…).

Secondly, the aircraft carrier strike group includes the British aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth and the US Navy guided missile destroyer USS The Sullivans Burke, which are similar in purpose. According to their usual behavior, it is likely that the United Kingdom is leading an aircraft carrier strike group, and the American ship is responsible for attempted provocations in the form of a “joint strike” against China. We need to break these so-called “joint efforts”.

Thirdly, during a recent flight, the British AUG repeatedly made small “dirty tricks”. This also includes joint naval exercises with the Indian fleet. In addition, they stressed that in the future, British warships will be permanently present in the Asia-Pacific region. This is enough to show that they did not come with good intentions, and their actions have a distinct provocative meaning.

Therefore, this time we must face the enemy fully armed and at the same time carry out appropriate tactical deployments so that no country or region dares underestimate China’s determination to defend its legitimate rights and interests.


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