British physicist Vopson has proposed a way to find out if we are living in a computer simulation

(ORDO NEWS) — Dr Wopson, a British scientist at the University of Portsmouth, has come up with a new method to find out if our universe is a computer simulation. His approach is based on the achievements of information physics.

Vopson notes that he was prompted to create a new method by the theory of the American physicist Landauer, who in 1961 formulated the principle that digital information should be considered as a special form of physical matter.

One of the main theoretical consequences of the Landauer principle is the rejection of the understanding of space-time and matter as the fundamental foundations of the world.

Their place is taken by a bit of information, from which, as the researchers who adhere to this theory, our perception of other physical phenomena arises.

“The experiment is to erase the information contained in elementary particles by allowing them and their antiparticles (all particles have “anti” versions of themselves that are identical but have the opposite charge) to annihilate in a burst of energy, emitting “photons”, or particles light,” Vopson describes his experiment.


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