British farmer finally finds meteorite that fell on field 18 months ago

(ORDO NEWS) — In a farmer’s field, the owner found a 2lb 4oz meteorite worth up to £100,000 after 18 months of searching.

Tony Wilding, 38, from Wrexham, North Wales, began searching after a ball of flames flared up and went out over his house.

Tony hopes to get the stone certified to see how much it’s worth.

He said, “I was sitting in my back garden smoking a cigarette at midnight when I noticed the sky was on fire over my head.

“I looked up and saw a low-flying fireball with two swirling plumes of smoke.

“It got brighter as it approached my house at about twice the height. It was so low that you could throw a soccer ball in the air and it would fly to him.

“When it crossed the house, it went out after a few seconds. There was no noise, it just disappeared, leaving behind only traces of smoke.”


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