British company Bellwether Industries has tested its first flying car

(ORDO NEWS) — Bellwether Industries has been working on its aircraft for several years and is on track to bring it to market by 2028. The company has already conducted the first flight tests and recorded the latest of them in the video below.

Volar was controlled remotely. The flight itself has not yet been very stable, but experts believe that the device copes well with its task. It is hoped that it will perform better in future tests.

The fact is that during the flight it is necessary to collect and process a huge amount of data. According to the manufacturer, the car must move at speeds up to 217 km / h. The built-in rechargeable battery should last up to 90 minutes.

In addition to the technical issues that the Bellwether Industries team faces, there are also certain legal issues. In order for the Volar to be launched on the market, it will be necessary to obtain a flight certificate, but this will not be so easy, since the similar company Velocopter has not yet received it, although it planned to enter the market with its aircraft in 2023.


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