British astrophysicist It is possible to travel 100 years into the future

(ORDO NEWS) — A leading British astrophysicist has said there are up to 2 ways that science has confirmed as ways to travel 100 years into the future. She also said that this phenomenon can be solved with the spacecraft of the future.

Time travel is a dream that has been living in the human imagination for several decades now. However, it has never gone beyond science fiction… until now.

Sarah Bridle, Professor of Astronomy and Cosmology at the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Manchester, told BBC Radio 4 that scientists know how to travel more than 100 years into the future in just one week.

Speaking about time travel, a leading astrophysicist said that this method came closest to unraveling time travel.

But she also assured that this is currently not feasible with the technology we have. In addition, time travel will require “a new type of spacecraft that consumes huge amounts of energy.” “We could travel very, very fast. So if you get on a plane and go around the world

, you will move forward in time by one millionth of a second.

If you want to go much further in time, you’ll have to move faster, you’ll have to move at close to the speed of light.

If you could fly around the Earth seven times per second for a hundred years, the people on that plane would age by one week, and the people on Earth by a hundred years.

You would have to build a new kind of spacecraft that would consume a huge amount of energy.

We could also do this by approaching a black hole.

This journey could be replicated by approaching it, but this is a very dangerous method, since much about the properties of black holes is still unknown.

In fact, traveling 100 years into the future is possible, but not with the help of modern technology. But the fact that science is already considering this possibility suggests that over time it may become a reality.

Very interesting information, and although science says that we do not yet have such technologies, the very fact that this is possible is impressive.

Especially when you consider the fact that UFOs are able to move at unimaginable speeds and show incredible technologies, which means that those who possess such technologies are quite capable of traveling through time.

We don’t have the technology, but it’s not a secret that giant spaceships “refueling” with the energy of the Sun have been repeatedly seen and they are constantly noticed on the ground standing in thunderclouds and “collecting” lightning discharges, so alien civilizations have no problems with a powerful source of energy .

The very thought of this is very intriguing, because it turns out that representatives of other space civilizations are able to make instant leaps into the future and, most likely, into the past of our earthly civilization. With such technologies, you can easily manage the development of mankind in the right direction.

However, judging by the fact that humanity’s problems over time become not less, but rather more, the good intentions of alien time travelers look unlikely.


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