British asparagus fortune teller made a prediction for 2021

(ORDO NEWS) — Jemima Packington is a very popular fortune teller in the UK who is distinguished by her non-standard method of fortune telling. So, she makes predictions on asparagus.

The fortune-teller told about the difficulties people will face in the new year. According to Jemima, the whole world will change for the better, some habits will need to be eradicated. So, travel will have to be abandoned further. Even after the advent of the vaccine, the list of possible locations for recreation abroad will remain small.

The pandemic will begin to subside by June. In addition to the coronavirus, climate change will affect travel. Tropical storms will become more frequent.

As for her country, the fortune-teller saw several divorces in the royal family. Harry will return to Britain closer to March. The health of some family members can be let down.

Trump’s future is hazy. The Republicans will reject him because of the conflicting attitudes towards the current situation in the United States. The politician will not run in four years.


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