Britain’s most brutal prisoner to be released in 2021

(ORDO NEWS) — In 1974, Charles Bronson was sent to prison for seven years for robbery of a post office, during which he could only endure 26 pounds and 18 pence. The offender served not 7 years, but 47 years, as he constantly violated prison rules, attacked guards and took prisoners hostage.

Recently, a man found out that he has a son. He told him that he wanted to start a new wonderful life. Charles Bronson gave up his past deeds, he bought a mobile home, agreed to work at the Museum of Crime. All this time, the prisoner earned money by art: he sold paintings and poetry via the Internet. The money earned went to charity.

The real name of the perpetrator is Charles Arthur Salvador. His case is now being handled by lawyers and personally by his son George Bambi, who works as a journalist and photographer. Charles Bronson is expected to be free this year.

For Bronson, there are many cases of robbery in the prison itself. So, he took hostage lawyers, security guards, a teacher of fine arts, etc. For some, the man demanded a helicopter to get to Cuba, an ax and a machine gun.


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