Britain’s largest Neolithic monument found near Stonehenge

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Archaeologists have found near Stonehenge a chain of ancient wells, enclosed in a giant ring with a diameter of about two kilometers.

The monument is about 4.5 thousand years old, that is, it can be the same age as Stonehenge. The article describing the find was published by the scientific journal Internet Archeology, the BBC writes briefly about it.

In total, scientists found 20 wells, each with a diameter of more than 10 m and a depth of about 5 m. A ring of wells with a diameter of more than two kilometers surrounds the large Neolithic settlement of Darrington Walls, which is located more than 3 km from Stonehenge and not far from the other a similar structure – Woodhenge.

Scientists suggest that for the ancient British, this ring was a kind of border around the holy place.

Radiocarbon dating showed that the wells were dug up about 4.5 thousand years ago – at about the same time that the settlement was built in Darrington Walls.

According to the researchers, the find suggests that the primitive inhabitants of Britain had a more complex social structure and worldview than previously thought.

“Thanks to remote sensing and analysis of the collected samples, we can say that in the past society was much more complex than we could imagine. The presence of complex customs tells us that people interacted so harmoniously with nature that it’s even difficult for us to imagine such a thing in modern “, said Richard Bates, a professor at St. Andrews University, one of the researchers.


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