Britain prepares for an invasion of rats the size of rabbits

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts have warned that giant rats could invade people’s homes and gardens within weeks.

Rats can be a threat at the best of times, but this year, the combination of hot summer temperatures and an abundance of food has taken a toll on these rodents, causing them to grow to enormous sizes.

As temperatures begin to drop in the coming weeks, experts say, rats will begin to settle into homes and gardens in search of warmth and new food sources.

The British have become accustomed to the annual autumn influx of giant house spiders, so the last thing in the world they would like to become the owners of giant rats.

Some of these rodents can grow to the size of a rabbit and will eat just about anything.

Rats are especially adept at breeding – they produce up to 72 offspring per year, which themselves are able to reproduce within a few weeks.


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