Britain has lost interest in ghosts

(ORDO NEWS) — Great Britain has always been considered a land of ghosts. There are a lot of castles, hotels and just houses where otherworldly inhabitants are supposedly found. But lately, that reputation seems to be coming to an end. At least that’s what renowned paranormal researcher Dr. Paul Lee of Fairstead, Norfolk, believes.

“We didn’t see anything like that…”

For more than two years now, Lee has been trying to connect with the inhabitants of traditional haunting areas and find out if there is any paranormal activity, via an app on his smartphone, according to the Daily Star.

“So far I have received almost 800 responses, but even the owners and staff of formerly haunted places such as Conisbrough Castle in South Yorkshire, Stratford’s Ettington Park Hotel (considered one of the most ‘ghostly’ in the UK) or Fortnum and Mason” in Piccadilly, they claim that they have not observed anything like this in the last few years,” the expert complains.

Where are the hoaxes?

This looks strange, since ghosts have always been good money. Places associated with rumors of ghosts have invariably become a lure for tourists. It happened that even the owners of ancient castles gave part of the apartments for excursions for curious visitors. A night in a “ghost hotel” is usually much more expensive than a room in a regular hotel.

Meanwhile, the owners, administration and staff of such facilities often “warm up” the mystical veil that surrounds them in every possible way.

There are cases when potential visitors and guests were fed fictional stories about spirits that were never actually there. And the most creative ones even organized “performances” with noises and disguises to convince tourists of the presence of ghosts.

Gone or ceased to be a trend?

Dr. Lee believes that the ghosts that used to be found in certain places either do not manifest themselves in any way, or have left there.

After all, it is believed that if the spirit is “stuck” in the physical world, it means that something does not let it “go to the other side”, or in this place it receives some kind of energy recharge that keeps it there.

“Perhaps the spirits originally had a natural source of energy, which eventually dried up, leaving them without reserves for manifestation,” the researcher believes.

At the same time, Lee thinks that the phantoms can be brought back so that the owners of “haunted castles” do not lose their income and so that such objects continue to attract tourists.

“Perhaps ghosts can be recharged,” he says. “Sometimes you hear stories of ghosts suddenly reappearing after years of absence.”

Maybe the doctor knows what he’s talking about when he mentions “recharging” otherworldly entities, since he has a degree in nuclear physics.

Or did people simply begin to lose interest in ghosts, because there was too much information about them, and basically all of it was monotonous? So the hosts and guides decided not to bother with “ghostly” programs anymore and not to support mystical rumors?

In general, choose for yourself which version you like best.


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