Brazil recorded the longest lightning in the world

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — UN meteorologists said they recorded the longest lightning in the world. This so common and unusual natural phenomenon occurred in October 2018 over Brazil, when, according to scientists, lightning literally cut the sky for 700 kilometers. It was a real record, because previously such a long lightning could not be fixed.

According to meteorologists, the length of this powerful lightning is equal to the distance between Boston and Washington.

Scientists have been studying the most unusual natural phenomena for many years. Previously, they established at what point in the globe the largest hail fell. Now, scientists are interested in the question regarding the occurrence of lightning and its characteristics.

According to the researchers, the lightning in Brazil was the longest, but the longest was the lightning recorded in March 2019 in Argentina. The duration of this outbreak was almost 17 seconds.

Meteorologists say that only thanks to the latest technology can they now capture super lightning data.

The previous record was recorded in the summer of 2007 in Oklahoma, when the length of the lightning was approximately 320 kilometers, and by flash duration the record was recorded in 2012 in France and amounted to 8 seconds.


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