Brain diseases appear in patients with coronavirus

(ORDO NEWS) — Although COVID-19 is considered the most dangerous disease in the past many years, in many patients it was either completely asymptomatic or mild. But according to recent studies in the UK, even in this case, the coronavirus can lead to complex consequences.

As can be seen from the data of the conducted studies, in the case of an easy response of the body to the virus, later those who have been ill can suffer from various diseases of the brain – both lung and fatal.

A study by British scientists involved 40 patients. Complications from COVID-19 were found in them were different – inflammation of the brain, delirium, stroke, and sometimes a total lesion of the central nervous system. In the analyzed cases, it was the neurological symptoms of the coronavirus that manifested themselves in the first place and were most pronounced, and they were diagnosed with COVID-19 only later.

In many cases, during the first wave of a pandemic in Britain, the symptoms of the virus were accompanied by a life-threatening condition – acute disseminated encephalomyelitis. According to information from the Institute of Neurology in California, there were close to one cases of this syndrome per month, with the advent of COVID-19, a few per week.

In 12 patients with coronavirus, inflammation of the central nervous system was detected, and in another 10, a brain disease with delirium or psychosis. There were still strokes and problems with peripheral nerves – 8 cases each.

According to the senior author of the study, Michael Zandi, experts are worried that before they did not see viruses that would affect the brain, which is now observed with COVID-19. The expert also expresses concern that patients in whom the disease was asymptomatic may live with some brain damage without even realizing it.


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