Boy forgot his native language after knee surgery

(ORDO NEWS) — A 17-year-old boy in the Netherlands underwent knee surgery after he was seriously injured while playing football.

The surgery went without complications, but after the effect of anesthesia ended, the teenager became a completely different person.

In front of the doctors, instead of a young Dutch guy, there was an American. He spoke English quite well, with only a slight Dutch accent. It is worth noting that earlier the teenager studied English only at school and never used it outside of it.

At the same time, the guy did not understand his native language and could not even recognize his parents. He was certain that he lived in Utah.

It also draws attention to the fact that the teenager had never been to the United States before. The doctors did not understand what was happening, but literally a day later the guy came to his senses after his friends came to him.

The student began to recognize his parents, speak his native language, and also realize that he lives in the Netherlands.

Presumably, the teenager was faced with a foreign language syndrome. In this case, a person suddenly forgets his native language and begins to speak a completely different one. This phenomenon is extremely rare.

In total, eight such cases were officially registered. Experts have not been able to figure out why. As a rule, this happened after head injuries or after general anesthesia.

An interesting point is that the native language is forgotten for different periods of time – from several hours to several days or even months.

After the guy came to his senses, he said that he remembers perfectly how he spoke English, could not remember his parents and believed that he lived in the USA.

Why he thought so, the teenager cannot explain. Almost a year has passed since the incident and nothing more like this has happened to the guy.

He additionally underwent a full medical examination, but no cognitive impairment was found.


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