Boy after the operation spoke about the afterlife and singing of angels

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — A boy named Colton Barlo was unlucky: at three years old, he got on the surgical table with running appendicitis. There was a risk that the baby would not survive. Today, 13 years later, the teenager recalls Paradise, which he visited during the operation.

Colton’s story became the basis of the book “Heaven for Real: The Amazing Story of a Little Boy About His Trip to and from Paradise.” Troubles began during a family trip: the boy became very ill. Some doctor made a false diagnosis, due to which later the situation worsened. Interestingly, another doctor also did not see appendicitis.

The appendix of the child burst, a huge focus of infection arose in the body. Fortunately, there were professional doctors who operated on the child. The boy got better.

Over time, Colton began to tell his parents about his “journey” on Paradise. He even spoke about the sister who died in the womb long before the appearance of himself. The family could no longer perceive these words as the imagination of a son.

Colton also met Jesus. He learned about Armageddon and the great battle of God that will happen in the future. In Paradise, there was also the Virgin Mary and the angels, performing soothing songs. It is worth noting that all the people, in particular Colton’s grandfather, were young and happy there.


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