Bottlenose dolphin makes record trip

(ORDO NEWS) — The bottlenose dolphin has broken the world record for its species for the longest travel distance. He traveled 2,053 kilometers in the Mediterranean, according to Mammalian Biology.

Scientists from the University of St. Andrews first spotted the dolphin off the coast of Slovenia in February 2020. He was given the nickname Prešern in honor of the Slovenian poet Franz Prešern.

Later, members of the science team, while reviewing images from colleagues in 2017, noticed a familiar fin in photographs from the Tyrrhenian Sea.

A thorough analysis of the images proved that it was Preschern (Italian experts called him Lino). To get from there to the coast of Slovenia, he had to overcome at least 1251 km.

But this was not the last achievement of Preshern. In 2021, he was spotted in the Ligurian Sea (Italy). In six months he swam over 2,000 km.

The discovery surprised scientists, as bottlenose dolphins are considered “homebodies”.

The researchers believed that these marine animals are strongly attached to their home area and prefer not to make long migrations. However, new data have called this theory into question.

Prešern’s journey was the longest for coastal bottlenose dolphins and the second longest for the species as a whole.

Scientists have concluded that bottlenose dolphins may be much more mobile than was commonly thought.


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