Boston engineers have created a miniature heart

(ORDO NEWS) —  According to the publication, specialists from Boston, working at the intersection of medical and engineering technologies, were able to make a reduced copy of the human heart. The device combines real human heart tissue and artificial parts.

A small model, literally 3 centimeters in size, was created using human stem cells. They were attached to a 3D printed acrylic frame and modified into heart cells. And the frame itself is needed in order to give the desired shape to the muscle tissue.

The resulting system completely repeats the work of the cardiac ventricle. It also has valves, and can also pump fluid that mimics blood. It is forced to move by cardiomyocytes – elements of the muscle tissue of the heart.

The miniature heart will help test new drugs, it will be an intermediate step between laboratory research and testing on living people.

Scientists-pharmacists will be able to observe the processes occurring under the influence of drugs with their own eyes.

In addition, the new method will help create therapeutic agents that will act individually on a person. After the collection of his cells, a model will be built on their basis, thanks to which it will be possible to prescribe a very precisely prescribed therapy.


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