Boom Supersonic docked wing and fuselage of the XB-1

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Docking of the wing and fuselage was held in April this year. The mass of the wing and the center section, which is a single element, is almost 330 kilograms. The wing consists mainly of composites. Before docking, Boom Supersonic tested the wing to confirm its performance.

The combination of the wing and the fuselage is one of the most important stages in the construction of the XB-1. This year, Boom Supersonic plans to roll out, and then the first flight of the technology demonstrator should take place. Previously, 2020 was called the possible start date for flight tests.

The XB-1 will be a relatively small aircraft with a length of 20.7 meters and a wingspan of 5.2 meters. Its technology should form the basis of the Overture supersonic passenger airliner, capable of carrying more than 50 passengers.

Recall that in March this year it became known that the XB-1 test program should become carbon-neutral. The supply of clean fuels rests with Prometheus Fuels.


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