Boeing presented a new model of a promising hypersonic aircraft

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(ORDO NEWS) — Boeing has shown a model of a hypersonic aircraft based on the Valkyrie concept shown in 2018. It is assumed that it can be used to solve military or civilian problems.

A new model of a hypersonic aircraft was shown at the international forum AIAA SciTech. There is practically no technical data on the new product. According to The Drive, the concept was created based on the Valkyrie shown in 2018.

While conceptually similar, the new model has a flatter fuselage. The location of the two engines under the fuselage has been changed: they are now housed inside two separate fairings, rather than side by side.

Experts believe that the hypersonic aircraft can be used for various military or commercial purposes. Presumably, he will be able to develop a speed of M = 5.

It is not known what exactly prompted Boeing to create the updated concept. The 2018 presentation was seen as the company’s response to Lockheed Martin’s SR-72 hypersonic military aircraft, which has been featured in the media for many years.

We also note that the United States is now actively testing samples of hypersonic weapons. A few years ago , tests of the AGM-183A rocket demonstrator began , subsequent launches of which were unsuccessful.


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