Blue Origin announces crew names for 6th Suborbital Spaceflight

(ORDO NEWS) — Blue Origin has revealed the identities of the next six people who will fly into suborbital space.

Passengers on the NS-22 mission include the first astronauts from Egypt and Portugal, Blue Origin announced July 22.

Blue Origin has yet to announce a flight date for this group, but said dates will be announced soon. The crew line-up announcement comes almost exactly one year after the company’s debut flight on July 20, 2021, with a crew that included company founder Jeff Bezos and Mercury 13 crew member Wally Funk.

Historically, Blue Origin does not disclose how much passengers have paid; rival Virgin Galactic is selling seats for $450,000. While most passengers pay for their own flight or invite celebrities to the New Shepard spacecraft, some receive sponsorship.

For example, the most recent launch on June 4 involved a person sponsored by Space For Humanity, a non-profit organization that sends people into space for free after applying.

Below are descriptions of six people flying aboard the NS-22.

Sarah Sabry

Sarah Sabry is the founder of the Deep Space initiative, which aims to “increase accessibility for space exploration” and will be the first person from Egypt to fly into space, Blue Origin said.

Mario Ferreira

Mario Ferreira will become the first person from Portugal to fly into space, according to Blue Origin. Ferreira is a Portuguese entrepreneur, investor and president of Pluris Investments Group.

Vanessa O’Brien

Vanessa O’Brien is a British-American explorer aspiring to be the first woman to complete the Explorers’ extreme spacewalk triumph; she has already conquered Everest (the highest peak on Earth) and explored the deepest part of our planet (the depth of the Challenger), which are two other requirements of the trifecta.

Clint Kelly III

In 1984, while working for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Clint Kelly founded the autonomous ground vehicle project, which Blue Origin says was in the early stages of development related to autonomous driving technology.

Steve Young

From 1992 to 2021, Steve Young managed Young’s Communications LLC under a telecommunications contract in Florida. Young is a committee member of the Space Coast Coastal Conservation Association, among other charitable initiatives, and the owner of the Pineapples restaurant in Melbourne, Florida.

Coby Cotton

Coby Cotton co-founded YouTube channel Dude Perfect, which Blue Origin says is the service’s “most watched sports channel” with 57 million subscribers. Focusing on comedy videos and stunts, Cotton created Dude Perfect in 2009 with college roommates.


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