Blue-eyed people have the same ancestor

(ORDO NEWS) — People with blue eyes have a single descendant who lived in antiquity. This conclusion was made by scientists from Denmark. This was written by LADBible.

During a long study of the OCA2 gene, which determines the level of brown pigment in the eye, the researchers found that the blue color arose during a genetic mutation and came from the HERC2 gene.

According to scientists, this gene “dilutes” brown with blue. The researchers were able to establish that the mutation came from a single person who lived between six and ten thousand years ago.

According to the author of the study, Hans Iceberg, they concluded that people with blue eyes are associated with one ancestor. They all inherited one mutation in the same place in their DNA.

The mutation could have started after migrating to Europe from Africa.

This explains the fact why blue-eyed people are more likely to belong to the Caucasian race. By the way, blue eyes are found in only 8-10% of the world’s population.


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