Bloody moon rose in California: creepy video

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(ORDO NEWS) — The Blood Moon is a standard occurrence during lunar eclipses, when a natural satellite passes into the shadow of the Sun. Only on September 30, there were no eclipses, and the Moon over California acquired deep red hues.

People began to shoot the phenomenon en masse and upload it to social networks. As it turned out, the unusual effect was caused by the fires that engulfed the state. The lunar disk changed its color over Mount Shasta, it was there that the territory blazed most intensely.

Eerie things are happening in California that cannot yet be stopped. As a result of the fires, the Moon became red, moreover, not just reddish, but even bloody. Some people got scared of this change.

Igor Chicherin filmed a video in slow motion for the Instagram social network. It allowed subscribers, and then users of the entire Internet, to admire the bloody moon.

It is worth noting that the color change of the natural satellite was seen not only in California, but also beyond its borders. Dylan Robichaud, a meteorologist with the National Weather Association in Budgie, Oreon, said the moon had taken on an unusual hue in the morning hours due to smoke rising into the atmosphere. As a result, not only Californians were surprised.

The Blood Moon is often caused by atmospheric pollution. It can be not only fires, but also natural disasters, such as a volcanic eruption. However, according to statistics, most often it is fires, strong and incessant, that are to blame.

The reddening effect lies in the light filter. The moon reflects sunlight that travels through the smoke. Smoke absorbs almost all spectra of light except for the dominant red. This is how the alleged color change by the moon turns out.


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