Blood groups with the strongest immune system

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists are sure that the blood type can influence what exactly the body’s defense will be.

Depending on this, a different amount of interferon will be produced, which in turn will affect the degree of fight against viral infections. Experts talked about which blood groups have the highest protection against various pathogens.

The study was conducted by employees of Harvard University. It demonstrated that blood types can actually influence how much interferon is produced by the body when dangerous infections enter it. This is directly related to the protective function of the immune system.

Interferons are special proteins that can be secreted by the cells of the body when there is a collision with viruses, bacteria, and organic compounds of a low molecular weight.

The average result was obtained in carriers of I and III blood groups. Efficiency of 80% and 91%, respectively, was observed.

This indicates that people with these blood types are quite well protected from the influence of a dangerous pathogen, when a very quick immune response to what is happening is required. In addition, they are more protected from the consequences that can be triggered by the coronavirus.

Carriers of the II blood group have literally 40% chances not to face the serious consequences of viral infections. As numerous practice shows, many people face serious complications after illnesses.

Also, people with group 2 more often than others face a variety of other pathologies, with flu and colds, and inflammatory processes are extremely difficult.

Experts have found that carriers of the IV blood group are considered the strongest. In 92% of the volunteers who took part in the study, interferon is produced in large quantities and allows you to get excellent protection for the body.

In some cases, even an excess of interferon was recorded. People with the 4th blood group are considered the most resistant to various viral diseases and only in isolated cases face complications of pathologies.


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