Blood group whose owners have strong immunity

(ORDO NEWS) — Blood type directly affects a person’s eating habits and immunity. Scientists from the United States have found out which residents are the strongest.

First group . Studies have shown that the synthesis of interferon reaches 80%. This indicator demonstrates the body’s response to infection. People with the first blood group took third place.

Second group . In the inhabitants of the Earth with the second blood group, the level of interferon synthesis does not exceed 40%. The body’s defenses are very weak.

Third group . She took second place with interferon production at 91%. People with this blood group can be confident that they will be able to cope with their diseases.

Fourth group . This blood turned out to be the strongest. The level of interferon synthesis is 92%. Immunity turned out to be stable, people with this blood group are the most resistant to viruses and bacteria.

Of course, all data is relative. Health is also influenced by heredity, lifestyle, ecology, etc. Blood type is far from the determining factor.


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