Black raspberries can cure allergies

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — American scientists have said that black raspberries treat skin allergies. In a new study, the effectiveness of this berry, which can reduce inflammation, was proven.

The experiment was conducted on mice, the results of the study published by Nutrients. Employees at Ohio State University (USA) analyzed that a diet containing a large amount of black raspberries relieves inflammation from contact hypersensitivity.

The senior author of the article, Steve Oghumu, explained that ointments-steroids are often prescribed in the treatment of skin rashes, to the surprise of scientists, raspberries helped achieve a similar effect.

Researchers divided laboratory mice into two groups: representatives of the first were fed raspberries, the second one did not have this berry. After 3 weeks, scientists conducted an experiment: allergens causing contact hypersensitivity were applied to the ears of mice. It was found that in rodents that fed on black raspberries, the edema went to “no” in contrast to the control group.

Experts concluded that daily use of black raspberries (not blackberries) tells the immune system to activate a defensive reaction against allergies. It turns out that a diet high in this berry is able to reduce the inflammatory processes that are manifested by skin redness.


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