Black holes could be gateways to the multiverse

(ORDO NEWS) — Thanks to films such as Interstellar, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Star Trek and Star Wars, topics such as space travel, black holes, multiverse theory and other such things have become the subject of increased interest.

Polish theoretical physicist Nikodem Poplavsky suggests that the connection between black holes and the multiverse may not be just a fantasy.

Nicodemus spoke about his theory that every black hole contains a new universe. He said: “Our entire universe can exist inside a black hole, which, in turn, is part of another universe.”

He proposed a theory that torsion forces cause an entirely new universe to form as a result of a large bounce in each black hole.

It was even included in the list of the top 10 discoveries of 2010 by National Geographic and Science magazines.

Black holes can range in size from microscopic to supermassive at the center of galaxies. The largest black hole ever discovered lies about 8.5 billion light-years away at the center of the Phoenix galaxy cluster.

This black hole is about 100 billion times the size of the Sun, and the event horizon is 590 billion kilometers in diameter. Its mass is about 10% of the mass of the Milky Way galaxy.

Regardless of size, Nicodemus argues that black holes could be our gateway to the multiverse. “The infant universe is… a separate, closed space-time branch with its own timeline,” he explains.

He went on to say that the baby universe is always larger than the parent black hole “because it is on the other side of the event horizon.”

It’s like the Tardis in Doctor Who. You walk into a police box and realize that you are in something more than a box.”

Nicodemus also suggested that according to Einstein-Cartan’s theory of gravity, each black hole spawns a baby universe within itself and becomes an Einstein-Rosen bridge (also known as a wormhole) that connects the parent universe to the baby universe.

The parent universe exists on the other side of the “white hole” when viewed from the point of view of the child universe.

Nicodemus explained that a white hole is “a region of space that cannot be accessed from outside and that can be thought of as the inverse time of a black hole.”

It is this theory that leads Nicodemus to suggest that our universe may be the interior of a black hole that exists in another parent universe.


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