Black holes can be a hologram: scientists made an amazing discovery

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Specialists from three different research centers conducted the study together and shared the results. The study considers another theory that relates to the origin of black holes. Physicists believe that objects can be nothing more than a hologram.

Given the latest research, black holes can somewhat resemble a hologram. It is worth noting that in holograms, information tends to accumulate in a two-dimensional system, which then produces a three-dimensional image.

Experts believe that black holes can have approximately the same principle of “action”. If we take into account quantum theories, they indicate that these space objects contain a lot of diverse information and can be extremely complex and incomprehensible. Some scientists call black holes hard drives of natural origin.

In the study, experts examined the holographic principle, but only this time it was applied to black holes. At the same time, they took into account the idea that was put forward almost 30 years ago. She says that in different places in space, gravity behaves differently.

The same can be said of different dimensions. It is incredibly difficult to describe the state, because gravity is a completely illogical phenomenon.

So, scientists concluded that black holes are holograms that have two different dimensions that can completely eliminate gravity. In this case, the object will be reproduced in three different dimensions at once. This study will allow a better understanding of certain cosmic objects and what specific properties they possess.


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