Black holes are the scariest objects in the Universe: three reasons

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(ORDO NEWS) — Humanity has known about black holes for a long time, but their nature has not been fully studied. Despite the lack of information, it is safe to say that these objects are the worst in the Universe.

First, black holes are death for everything. Even light cannot resist them. Anything that ends up in a black hole undergoes spaghettification, which Stephen Hawking described in his book A Brief History of Time. If a person fell into a black hole, then his bones and flesh would immediately begin to separate. This was established by scientists when they observed the devouring of holes “normal stars”.

Secondly, black holes are present at the center of every galaxy. The gravitational force attracts stars and gas. When they hit a black hole, they flare up, generating radiation called a quasar. The gravity is so strong that even nearby objects, such as stars, “cling”.

Third, the laws of physics do not work in black holes. There is a supermassive hole that is comparable to 40 billion suns. If a person gets into it, he will survive, because the object has stronger gravity, but stretching is weaker. True, it will not be possible to talk about your experience later: there is a singularity in the black hole, where the laws of physics mean nothing. Time stands still, and gravity becomes infinite.

When there is nothing left in the Universe (stars will die and galaxies will disappear), only black holes will “survive”. However, they are not eternal either: objects will evaporate sooner or later. It will take this unimaginable number of years – 10 to the hundredth power of years.

Thus, black holes are not only the most dangerous objects, but also the most tenacious. At the end of the existence of the Universe, only they will survive.


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