Black hole that bites off a piece of a star every 114 days

(ORDO NEWS) — A team of astronomers has recorded strong flares of light that are present in the center of our galaxy and are approximately 570 light-years from the solar system. These outbreaks are recorded every 114 days.

Experts have conducted a study and now believe that the flares are provoked by a supermassive black hole. Its mass is 20 times greater than that located in the center of the galaxy. This black hole destroys a chunk of the star every time it gets too close to it.

This discovery was made possible thanks to the data provided by NASA, as well as special telescopes installed at Ohio State University.

Patrick Vallely said that this action is simply incredible, because before that, experts have not seen anything like it. Every time a star approaches a black hole, it loses about a third of the mass of Jupiter, which provokes an incredibly bright flash. As a rule, such processes lead to the complete destruction of the star, but not in this case. To date, scientists have already recorded 17 outbreaks that occurred every 114 days.

It is worth noting that experts have also found signs of another supermassive black hole, which is located not far from the first.


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