Black hole closest to Earth discovered: is it dangerous?

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts reported that a black hole was discovered relatively close to the Earth. After such a discovery, it is logical that scientists wondered how dangerous it is for us. It is known that the object is located a thousand light-years away from the solar system, while the previously discovered one was three thousand light-years away.

The mass of the black hole is 4.2 times greater than the mass of the Sun, the find relates to the stellar system HR 6819. It is interesting that to observe this stellar system it is not necessary to have a large observatory: objects are clearly visible on a moonless night in the southern constellation of the Telescope.

The study of the black hole was done by astronomers from the La Silla Observatory, which is located in Chile. A two-meter telescope was used, which helped to find out that the system includes two stars and an invisible object. It was determined that the black hole is in a sleeping state: it does not consume matter. A thousand light-years is a small distance within space, but it is enough to keep the Earth safe.

The discovered black hole refers to objects of stellar mass, which are formed after the death of massive stars. There are also supermassive black holes that are in the heart of any galaxy. Black holes cannot be seen, so scientists rely only on the curvature of the background light that occurs around these objects.

The earth is far enough from any black holes so that people can not worry about anything. Perhaps there are objects that are not included in stellar systems. Such holes cannot be detected, since there are no signs of their presence around.


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