Black hole caught six galaxies scientists try to explain the phenomenon

(ORDO NEWS) — The Very Large Telescope (VLT) helped astronomers notice that there are six galaxies around the black hole. This phenomenon will help scientists better understand the formation processes of massive black holes, one of which is located in the Milky Way.

Experts to this day cannot understand how black holes could acquire such massive dimensions. According to the new discovery and theory, these objects are capable of rapidly expanding in large-scale, web-like structures that have a lot of gas to feed.

As part of the observation, scientists saw a supermassive black hole that was surrounded by galactic systems. All objects are located in a cosmic web of gas that spans a space equal to 300 galaxies in the Milky Way.

The threads of the gas are like spider webs. Galactic systems form at the intersection of filaments. From a large-scale cobweb-like structure, in the central part of which is a black hole weighing 1 billion suns, rays of light have been reaching Earth since the time the universe was only 0.9 billion years old.

New findings tend to suggest that distant massive black holes are emerging and enlarging in massive halos of dark matter that make up massive structures. Previously, there was no technology to state this. Light from not the brightest studied galaxies can only be captured by the latest developed telescopes. Astronomers are still analyzing the tip of the iceberg, there are still many discoveries and conclusions ahead.


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