BIZARRE CASE: 58 pregnant cows “were not naturally killed” in North Dakota

(ORDO NEWS) — The $ 40,000 reward has been offered to anyone with information that could help authorities solve the very bizarre case of the massive cattle death that occurred in North Dakota this summer.

According to local media reports, the macabre incident occurred on July 29, when 58 pregnant cows were mysteriously killed while grazing in a pasture at Arrowwood National Wildlife Refuge. Details of how the animals died were not disclosed.

The authorities’ investigation into the case resulted in the authorities ruling out natural causes of death, including lightning, anthrax, lead poisoning and natural nitrate toxicity. Thus, they now believe that the killing of animals was the result of ” something that did not happen naturally.”

Rancher Brian Amundson said the death of his cows was “unusual.” Amundson found dead cows where they were grazing in the Arrowwood National Wildlife Refuge, about 100 miles northwest of Fargo. 58 pregnant cows were dead, the remaining 80 cows from the herd survived.

The Statesman County Sheriff’s Department and the North Dakota Pastoralists’ Association have launched an investigation. Gerald Stokka, a North Dakota State University veterinary and livestock management specialist, was called in to inspect the cows.

“We learned that this is not lightning. We looked at a list of things that can cause high mortality in a very short period of time. Anthrax was also ruled out. Mortality certainly far exceeded all expectations of natural cause, natural infection, natural disease or natural exposure some toxins,” Stokka said.

Amundson, a fourth-generation rancher, said the cattle were worth $ 100,000.

“It’s extremely sad, frustrating, emotional that you would think that someone could be so dismissive of animal life. I don’t understand, I’m just not made for this as a rancher. Our job is to take care of animals,” Amundson said.

Surviving cows should calve within the next two to ten weeks. The long-term consequences of the incident are unknown.

The North Dakota Pastoralists’ Association and owner are offering a reward of up to $ 40,000 for any information related to the incident to shed light on the incident. So far, no one has taken advantage of this offer.


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