Bitcoin surpasses Tesla to become the 8th most valuable asset in the world

(ORDO NEWS) — While Bitcoin (BTC) had a flat price view from October 22 to November 7, it draws a chart that ends this band movement with new capital entering the market at the start of the week. The largest cryptocurrency, which started the week with a rise, also continues to rise among the world’s largest companies and assets with its capital value.

In addition to dominating 43 percent of the total crypto money market in terms of capital value, Bitcoin has become the 8th most valuable asset in the world, surpassing Tesla , the global electric vehicle manufacturer of which Elon Musk is the CEO, with an average value of $ 1.247 trillion today.

The capital value of Tesla, which fell to the 9th place, seems to be 1.227 trillion dollars. In 10th place is Facebook (with its newly branded name Meta) with a capital value of 949 million dollars.

Bitcoin is approaching the value of total silver reserves in the world

Just ahead of Bitcoin is silver, the second most valuable metal in the world, with a total value of $1.368 trillion. According to the latest figures, there is a $121 billion difference in value between Bitcoin and silver. Gold, on the other hand, maintains its position as the world’s most valuable asset, with a total value of $11.55 trillion at the moment.

After Gold, Microsoft is positioned as the world’s most valuable institution on a company basis, with $2.52 trillion. Considering the total crypto money market capitalization value here, it can be said that the total value of cryptocurrencies with capital values ​​rising to almost 3 trillion dollars today surpassed giant companies such as Microsoft in the 2nd place and Apple.

Did Elon Musk’s survey affect Tesla?

This ranking is likely to change as Bitcoin is a highly volatile financial asset currently competing with Tesla in terms of capital value. It can also be seen that Tesla’s 7 percent depreciation in the Nasdaq stock market was effective in losing its place in the ranking.

The depreciation in Tesla share price is attributed to Elon Musk’s latest tweet. The world’s richest person took a Twitter poll on Saturday and asked, “Should I sell 10 percent of my Tesla shares?” asked. This survey by Musk is thought to have led to a drop in Tesla’s share price. Meanwhile, 58 percent of the respondents answered yes.

Ethereum is the second most valuable cryptocurrency, ranked 15th on the list.

In recent days, the $ 5,000 price level for Ethereum, which has reached the highest price of all time with capital inflows, has started to be talked about.

Ethereum, the largest altcoin, has a current capital value of 560 billion dollars and has taken many giant companies behind it. Its closest rivals are global investment banking giant JPMorgan Chase at 16th place, Visa at 17th and Alibaba at 18th.

Both cryptocurrencies, which started this week positively, may see the continuation of the increase in capital inflows if the positive atmosphere does not deteriorate. This could result in a new record high for Bitcoin and a first-ever rise to the $5,000 price level for Ethereum.


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