Birmingham woman opens up about her alien abduction

(ORDO NEWS) — The sensational story of alien abduction by Sophia Peters from Birmingham, UK has sparked public interest and excitement.

The woman claims to have been abducted by aliens at the age of 16 and was in captivity for about two years, but returned to Earth a second later than she was abducted.

Although her stories are met with disbelief and considered unbelievable, Peters insists on the truth of her story and believes that she is not believed just because she talks about things that are beyond the comprehension of the human mind.

The woman describes her captors as material beings who do not use spaceships or bodies, but appear as clumps of matter and communicate without words.

In addition to the surprising details about her capture, Peters also shared her impressions of fantastic sex with alien creatures.

She claims that sex with them was a hundred times cooler than here on Earth, and there were no primitive frictions.

Sophia also believes that every year tens of thousands of women from Earth are abducted by alien beings for sexual gratification.

She believes that people do not talk about it because they are afraid of being branded crazy.

Although Peters’ story seems incredible and borderline fantastic, it raises interest in the question of the possibility of the existence of alien life and their interaction with humans.

Perhaps the story of Peters is only the beginning of what awaits us in the future?


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