Birds in the mythology of the ancient Slavs

(ORDO NEWS) — In Slavic mythology, the image of a bird was given special significance. He was endowed with magical powers and power.

Descriptions of these wonderful characters have survived to this day, and they are very diverse, which is due to the vast territories that the Slavic peoples inhabited. What birds did our ancestors worship, and what were they afraid of?


The Firebird is one of the most popular images in Slavic mythology. The feathers of this fiery bird sparkled like precious metals.

Her eyes were like gems, and her wings were like flames. The size of this character and the splendor of the tail resembled a peacock.

The Firebird lived in the Garden of Eden (Iriy), where her cell was located. From there, she flew out at night and illuminated everything around.

She ate rejuvenating apples, which gave her beauty and endowed her with immortality. Everyone who heard the beautiful singing of this mythical creature was healed of all diseases.

While singing, the bird dropped pearls from its beak. Her feathers were even more valuable, they shone for a long time, gave warmth, and when they went out, they became golden.

The mythical character died in the autumn and was resurrected in the spring. The ancient Slavs created amulets and dishes with his image, thus attracting good luck and happiness.


Birds in the mythology of the ancient Slavs 2

Alkonost is a sacred bird that lives in Iria (Slavic paradise) and brings joy. She is known from Russian legends and fairy tales. Her image can also be found in the fine arts, architecture.

This creature has a female face and hands, and the body is birds. His voice is very sweet, like love. Anyone who hears the singing of Alkonost immediately forgets with delight about everything in the world.

According to legend, this bird during the winter solstice lays eggs in the depths of the sea. They stay there for seven days.

And all this time there is a complete calm on the sea, after which the eggs float, and then Alkonost continues to hatch them on the shore.


Sirin a dangerous bird, the messenger of the ruler of the underworld, brings a person misfortunes, misfortunes, and sometimes death. Sirin is a maiden of incredible beauty, below the waist is the body of a bird. Her voice is impossible to resist.

Birds in the mythology of the ancient Slavs 3

Hearing the sad singing of this mythical creature, he cannot resist his charms, and Sirin lures his victim into the realm of the dead, from where the poor fellow will no longer be able to return.


Gamayun is one of the sacred birds of the Slavs. According to legend, she lives in the branches of the World Tree. Gamayun appears to people to tell something important. When this bird flies from sunrise, a violent storm comes with it.

Gamayun is considered the messenger of the God of wisdom Veles, she is an intermediary between people and the Gods.

She knows everything about the past, present and future, if she wishes, she reveals the secrets of being the chosen one. Gamayun knows all the secrets of earth and sky, time, life and death. Depicted as a bird with a female head.

Birds in the mythology of the ancient Slavs 4Gamayun, a prophetic bird” Viktor Mikhailovich Vasnetsov. 1897

If a person hears the singing of this bird, he forgets about everything and is ready to follow her everywhere, because her voice is beautiful. Gamayun brings happiness to people, relieves troubles and gives secret knowledge.

The image of this bird can still be found on the emblems of Smolensk and the Smolensk region, Mikhailovsk, located in the Sverdlovsk region, Udmurtia and the village of Terbuny in the Lipetsk region.


Stratim is the progenitor of all birds. According to legend, Stratim lives on the sea-ocean. During her scream, a deadly storm awakens. Even if this bird just moves its wing, the sea starts to get agitated.

When Stratim takes off, the ramparts rise, because of which ships sink, deep abysses unfold, and cities and forests are washed away from the shores. In legends, the bird has the ability of the Sea King.

Birds in the mythology of the ancient Slavs 5Painting boxes. Veliky Ustyug region. 17th century 1710

The image of this bird is the personification of the primitive force of nature that surrounded a defenseless person in ancient times.

Slavic signs associated with birds

The Slavs also endowed ordinary birds with various abilities, so a number of signs are associated with them:

  • The appearance of a cuckoo near the house of a young girl for a close wedding;
  • How many times the cuckoo will make a sound, so much is left to live;
  • The raven carried bad news;
  • If an owl bird flew into a house where there is a patient, to his amendment, and if everyone is healthy to illness;
  • To see an owl on the roof to lack of money, and on the fence to acquisitions;
  • The rooster protects from fires;
  • The rooster sings it means that the time has come for the evil spirits of the dark.


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