Bird flu is raging in Japan two million chickens have been killed

(ORDO NEWS) — On the territory of Japan, chickens began to die from bird flu. Shiga has become the tenth prefecture where the disease is actively spreading. The authorities decided to destroy 11 thousand birds there in order to reduce the spread of infection.

Avian influenza originated in a chicken farm located in the west of Shiga, in the city of Higashiomi. The owners reported the deaths of 50 chickens.

After the tests were carried out, the presence of the virus was confirmed, then the authorities decided to take an extreme step.

A checkpoint within a radius of 10 km was also introduced: all transit vehicles on it are thoroughly disinfected. Within a radius of 3 km, they make sure that eggs and meat are not removed from the farm.

Avian flu has been raging for months. A total of 2 million chickens have been killed since early November. It is worth noting that immunologists talked about a possible revival of swine and bird flu.

Diseases can overtake not only Japan, but also a number of other countries. The simultaneous presence of coronavirus will make infections more dangerous. Plus, pathogens tend to mutate quickly.


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