Birch and poplar will help fight climate change

(ORDO NEWS) — This was stated by Russian scientists after conducting a large-scale study. In their opinion, the leaves of these trees effectively absorb carbon dioxide.

As you know, the accumulation of carbon dioxide negatively affects the Earth’s atmosphere. An excess of gas leads to an increase in the average global temperature, which in turn changes the planet’s climate.

A group of researchers from the University of Voronezh analyzed several varieties of Russian trees. The results of the study showed that poplar and birch leaves absorb hazardous compounds better than larch or pine. Poplar of the Es-38 variety showed the highest efficiency in the fight against carbon dioxide. The average leaf area of ​​the poplar was 162 square centimeters.

Scientists propose in this way to fight the carbon footprint. The authors of the study assure that the effect will be noticeable already in the first year of the technology’s “operation”. With a planting density of 5000 trees per 1 hectare, it will be possible to clear the air from more than 2.5 tons of carbon dioxide.

Scaling up forest plantations of poplar and birch in the shortest possible time will clear the air from harmful impurities. As an example, the rector of the university said that 15 hectares of forest farms will help compensate for the damage of two thousand cars.


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