Biologists have found silent frogs in Africa that communicate by touch

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists from the University of Cincinnati have found a new species of frog in the forests of East Africa – animals do not make sounds and communicate by touch.

Reed frogs live almost throughout Africa. In the forests of Ukaguru in eastern Africa, scientists have discovered a new species of Hyperolius ukaguruensis.

These frogs grow up to 2.5 centimeters in length. They differ from their relatives in their golden brown coloration (other species of the genus Hyperolius have greenish-silvery skin).

Male frogs make a very loud croak during the mating season to attract females. But H.ukaguruensis are absolutely silent.

Scientists believe that these amphibians are looking for a partner and communicate through touch.

On the neck of males there are tubercles, which are evaluated by females. The authors of the discovery compare it to reading in Braille.

Previously, other silent species were found among the reeds. To make sure that H.ukaguruensis are not a subspecies, scientists conducted a DNA analysis.

They compared the genomes of frogs and ten other species of the genus Hyperolius and confirmed that they had discovered a new species.


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